Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode to the Dawg...

This week one of our newest fans in Chicago was so moved by our tasty mix, that he wrote the poem below.  If any of you are likewise inspired, please share with us!  Thanks, Bryan!!  

Hair of the Dawg

Man, what a night
Laughing and feeling no pain
But now this incredible pounding
Is coming from deep within my brain

I know I’ve been there before
Yet here it is, half past ten
And with the sun now piercing my window
I swear it won’t happen again

I moan and I think my hair hurts
I can’t even stand my own skin
The damage I’ve caused myself
Should certainly be a sin

The only hope I have now
That will deliver me from this fog
Is a time tested family recipe
And it all starts with Hair of the Dawg

Ahhh, that’s so much better
You know, I’m starting to see the light
And as I declare myself recovered
I wonder what's happening tonight.

Bryan Bradley
Buffalo Grove, IL


  1. You of course know the toast "To The Dog!" right?

  2. I don't believe I do. Please share if it's suitable for a general audience!