Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dawgs on Wheels 2011!

Our butts have healed sufficiently, and we earned so many loyal followers on RAGBRAI last year that the Dawgs on Wheels are back for RAGBRAI 2011!  This year we have even more "Dawghouses" along the route, and more of our tasty mixes available!  We've tailored the morning stops to whet your whistle with Bloody Marys and afternoon stops with Margaritas and Mojitos to cool you down (designated on the map with red or green icons, respectively).  

So here's a little preview of the Dawghouses along the way, which we will present on the Dawg Blawg one day at a time.  And if you see us in our Hair of the Dawg jerseys out on the route, ask us for a handy pocket Dawghouse map, and we'll be happy to oblige!

Day 1 - Glenwood to Atlantic - 59.5 miles, 4298 feet of climb

Austin's on the Trail, 405 Main St. in Silver City
A mere 9 miles into the route, but this will be a great stop!  Dave Gallagher of Jam Time DJ Productions will provide tunes to dance to, and Austin's will be serving Breakfast Burritos, Fresh Fruit, Strawberry Yogurt-Captain Morgan Smoothies, and of course, Hair of the Dawg Bloody Marys!  Also of note... Austin's is famous for their wings (14 varieties!). While they won't be available in Silver City that day, they will be serving select flavors at Rupe's Place in Glenwood on Saturday night.

Dusty's Place, 402 Main St. in Griswold (hometown of Evil Eyers Jenny & Andrea!)
35 miles and MANY hills from Silver City (after the meeting town of Carson), riders will be happy to see Griswold and cool down with a Hair of the Dawg Margarita or Mojito at Dusty's Place.  You may want to skip lunch (or eat light) in Carson to save room for one of Dusty's Club Sandwiches - absolutely the best Club Sammy we have ever tried!  They will be featuring the Club, as well as Prime Rib Sandwiches and their homemade Onion Rings (also amazing)!  They have an awesome outdoor beer garden, and Team Hair of the Dawg, Team Draught, and the Regulators will bypass Marne to make Dusty's their Saturday stop on the way out.  Please join us!!

That's it for the first day.  Stay tuned over the next week as we outline each day for you!

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